Android vs iOS

Is android or ios which is better

Android vs iOS :-The couple of few years the war is going on between IOS and android. People also can’t choose between these operating system. But there are many ways that each platform has their functions. They are very highly popular and no one can change this trend this year because this platform has additive the reason behind this the operating system is becoming popular in the people. And the people get used to it. They can’t change now. The android and iOS became their daily life routine they see everywhere these platform and the apps also can’t switch to another platform because if another operating system comes the operating system can face many problems like apps are not in their store and the famous app like instagram, facebook, youtube, etc and Games are also in this list like pubg, call of duty, many more games have to support this system this seems like impossible. Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS
Android vs iOS

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The developer has to work hard to get these apps to another platform. The operating system can face many more problems like this. If the operating survived in this situation then the problem has fifty percent solved and another problem is the people used to accept it because they are using android or iOS.

About ios

iOS :-The iOS is used by all actors, actresses, and many politicians because the iOS has more secure then the android the data may be hacked by the hackers the Apple is more aware of this because they are paying for it to secure their phone. The iOS less people using compared to the android user because of the cost of the phone. The cost of iPhone is very high compared to the android. That’s why the android has more users then the iOS and the iOS has no customizable launcher. And the iOS has less people and the costlier than android

About Android

The android has more user base then iOS even the most of mobile users in the world. Android vs iOS

Because the android has cheaper in price and the mobile is vary the mobile has more brandings like mi,Samsung,nokia,Asus,OnePlus ,vivo, oppo etc the android can customisable as per the user the notification bar, home screen, the navigation buttons, even the OS can also changed by android. Is that cool the android ranges 2000 rupees to 2 lac rupees the android has many apps. And games in the playstore. Android is from Google. You know that how big is Google and Google is give security patch to android and the security patch is very secure because the patch from the Google and the Google know everything in the world. The android comes with the playstore, YouTube, Gmail and many more apps from the Google pre-installed and you can’t uninstall them you can disable them they are in the phone but can’t be used for the user.

Because the app has been disabled the storage is still taken by that app this is negative point of the android and android can also hacked by the hacked because the android is less secure than iOS because many companies don’t give security patch to the third phone because their theme is applied on that. This is the reason the update comes later than the iOS the many companies held the leadership that’s why the security level is low.

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